What People Say About Us.

“Oh, she (PSS) is just super. She does so much for me and I can trust her. She gives me all the receipts when she goes to town. She helps me with my bath and cleaning. She does my shopping and pays my bills for me. I like the meals – I can just put them in the microwave and not try to cook. I don’t know what I would do without the help. I would probably have to be in a nursing home.”

Male Consumer, age 59, receives PSS, PSSX, ERS, and HDM
Pearson, Southern AAA


“Oh my goodness, I feel very blessed to have these services. I don’t know what I’d do without the aides. I get help doing things I cannot longer do on my own. I have an emergency button that I have in case of any emergency and I wear it all the time. I love the meals – they are very good. I am well taken care of and I don’t lack for a thing.”

Female Consumer, age 90, receives PSS, ERS, and HDM
Nicholls, Southern AAA


“This program helps me to cope with everyday living. Everything goes smoothly. It really helps the day to day life. I love my meals and I love my PSS, she is a sweetheart.”

Female Consumer, age 74, receives PSS and HDM
Douglas, Southern AAA


“The professionalism of the CCSP staff in giving one directions and assistance to make things better for Stacy (client) has been exemplary. I appreciate them!”

Caregiver of Female Consumer, age 43, receives CD-PSS/X
Waycross, Southern AAA


“I am so glad that I can come here and stay so that I don’t have to go into a nursing home or be a burden on my children.”

Female Consumer, age 81, receives ALS
Sparks, Southern AAA


“I know this sounds so simple, but the truth is I really do not know what I would do without the services provided by CCSP. My brother (client’s son) is not physically able to take care of mama all the time. I have been flying back and forth from my home in California taking care of my husband who is not well and flying back to Georgia to check on mama. I don’t know how we could manage her care if we didn’t have CCSP to lighten our load and make it possible for us to continue to care for mama at home.”

Daughter of Female Consumer, age 87, receives PSS/X, HDM, and ERS
Pavo, Southern AAA


“I am so thankful for the CCSP program. My boys live in the surrounding counties and had wanted me to live with one of them when I couldn’t stay in my house anymore. I did not want to leave my friends and especially my church. I could not have been able to pay all the money by myself to stay here at the Victory House, if not for CCSP. I am so glad that I am on the program and I will stay on it until I die.”

Female Consumer, age 83, receives ALS
Nashville, Southern AAA


“All of you have been really helpful and I am very appreciative of everything you do. You have made it where my mom can be at her home for as long as possible.”

Son of Female Consumer, age 72, receives PSS and ERS
Adel, Southern AAA


“CCSP benefits me a bunch. I don’t know what I would have done without the services. I couldn’t do anything for myself.”

Female Consumer, age 61, receives ERS, HDM, and PSS
Lakeland, Southern AAA


“I have been with CCSP a longtime. I don’t know what I would do without their help. Now, I can’t be left alone at home anymore and my husband recently began chemotherapy. Some days he is gone all day for treatments, and then he is so sick when he gets home that he cannot help me. I called my case manager and asked for more help. She increased my time so I wouldn’t be alone and I would get the care I needed during the day. I am so glad I was able to get more assistance. We don’t have anyone else to help us during this time.”

Female Consumer, age 72, receives PSS/X and HDM
Echols, Southern AAA


“My aide is more than just an aide to me, she is more than just someone who comes and helps me out on a daily basis, she is more like my family. I would not be able to make it on my own without her. She is good to me always and I depend on her.”

Female Consumer, age 77, receives PSS, ERS, and HDM
Tifton, Southern AAA


“I have the best aides in the world. They come in and just get to work doing what needs to be done without me having to tell them. I could not continue living at home with my daughter if it wasn’t for their help.”

Female Consumer, age 86, receives PSS, ERS, and HDM
Fitzgerald, Southern AAA


“The doctor told me that I could not live alone anymore and I had to leave my home. The staff here treat me like a queen. I have never been treated so good in my life. They do everything for me.”

Female Consumer, age 75, receives ALS
Sycamore, Southern AAA


“It helps me considerably. I’m 78 and can’t clean like I need to. My aide keeps my house clean. She dusts, vacuums, and does things that I can’t. She will go to the store if I need her to. She will also cook me a little something if I need her to or heat up my meal. I have arthritis and can’t bend and move like I used to. The aide that helps me is a God-send. I don’t know how she does what she does. I need this button to call for help. I’m alone and could call somebody to come if I need them to. I surely appreciate this program. If I didn’t have this program, I would probably have to go to the nursing home.”

Female Consumer, age 75, receives PSS, HDM, and ERS
Blackshear, Southern AAA