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Do you or your patient/client have one or more of the following qualifying traits?

  • Aged 65 or older or under 65 years old and disabled
  • Difficulty with ambulation; uses an assistive device
  • Needs assistance with medication compliance
  • Needs assistance with meal preparation or nutritional management
  • Needs assistance with personal hygiene
  • Resides in our coverage area
  • Capable of safely residing in the community with assistance
  • Meets nursing home level of care

Coverage Areas

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What are the financial eligibility requirements?

The following information summarizes the financial eligibility:

  • SSI category: Persons who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and are eligible for medical assistance. The Social Security Administration takes applications for SSI.
  • Medical Assistance Only (MAO) category: Persons who do not receive cash benefits under the SSI program may qualify for medical assistance under another Medicaid category. The county Departments of Family and Children Services take applications for MAO. MAO participants may have to pay toward the cost of services.


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