What is the Community Care Services Program?

The Community Care Services Program (CCSP) assists individuals who are elderly and/or functionally impaired to remain in their homes and/or communities. For eligible consumers, CCSP offers community-based services as an alternative to nursing home placement. The Department of Community Health administers and operates the CCSP.

Adult Day Health

Daytime care and supervision in an adult day center

Nursing and medical social services

Planned therapeutic activities

Physical, speech, and occupational therapy

Meals, including prescribed diets

Alternative Living Services

Alternative residence for persons unable to remain independent in their own homes

Meals, personal care, and supervision

Emergency Response Services

In-home electronic support system providing two-way communication between isolated persons and a medical center

Service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Home-Delivered Services

Skilled nursing services

Physical, speech and occupational therapy

Medical social services and home health aide

Personal care and assistance with meals

Personal Support Services

Assistance with meal preparation, hygiene and nutrition

Light housekeeping, necessary errands, and other supportĀ  services

In-home respite care provided by an aide

Consumer-Directed Personal Support Services option, same as Personal Support Services

Consumer hires and supervises worker(s) of choice

Clients enrolled in the option are required to choose a Financial Management Services provider that will issue paychecks and adhere to federal and state tax laws on behalf of client

Out-of-Home Respite Care

Out-of-home overnight respite care in an approved facility with hourly supervision

Home-Delivered Meals Prepared outside the home and delivered to the client

The eligibility criteria for CCSP include the following:

  • Functional impairment caused by physical limitations. NOTE: Alzheimer’s and dementia are physical conditions.
  • Unmet need for care
  • Approval of an intermediate level of care (LOC) certification for nursing home placement
  • Approval of care plan by client’s physician
  • Medicaid eligible or potentially eligible after admission to CCSP
  • Client chooses community-based, rather than institutional services
  • Services fall within the average annual cost of Medicaid reimbursed care provided in a nursing facility. Health and safety needs can be met by CCSP.
  • Participation in one waiver program at a time
  • Medicare home health service or hospice (Medicare or Medicaid) does not meet consumer need for services
  • Home Delivered Meals is not the only service need
  • The home environment is free of illegal behavior and threats of bodily harm to other persons

A client is not required to be homebound to receive CCSP services.

Step 1: The individual contacts the Area Agency on Aging for an assessment.

Step 2: If the individual is eligible for CCSP, the care coordinator determines which services the applicant needs.

The following information summarizes the financial eligibility criteria for the CCSP.

  • SSI category: Persons who receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and are eligible for medical assistance. The Social Security Administration takes applications for SSI.
  • Medical Assistance Only (MAO) category: Persons who do not receive cash benefits under the SSI program may qualify for medical assistance under another Medicaid category. The county Departments of Family and Children Services take applications for MAO. MAO participants may have to pay toward the cost of services.


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