Who is Diversified Resources?

Diversified Resources is a partnership of four women who believe in providing the highest standard of care through appropriate and dependable resources for seniors and the disabled. Since 1995, Diversified Resources has been dedicated to our mission, “To improve the quality of life in the service area by supporting efforts to stabilize and improve health status, to increase feelings of safety and security, to expand and enhance educational opportunities, and to empower individuals to maintain control of their futures through informed decisions.” 

By partnering with Diversified Resources, we make at-home living safer, more comfortable, desirable and sustainable.

Community-based programs and services are designed to help disabled and older adults remain safely in their homes and delay or prevent nursing home placement. Diversified Resources, Inc. provides specific resources for those individuals and their caregivers that include wellness programs, nutritional support, home and community-based services.

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Counties We Serve

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